Friday, December 13, 2013

TRUSTWORTHY Team Leader Acts Quickly in Altamonte Springs, FL

A HUGE Pat on the back to Sara George, Team Leader in Altamonte Springs, FL for her TRUSTWORTHY quick thinking. 

A shopper in her pet center became irrational and disorderly, and when he left, Sara kept an eye on him going to his car as she knew it was extremely unusual for a neighbor to act so disruptively.  Sara noticed the neighbor returning to the pet center with a gun.  Sara quickly locked the doors, sent the team members to the back of the pet center, and called 911.  Unluckily for the neighbor, the police station is right across the street. Due to Sara’s sound sense of judgment and quick reaction, the man was arrested.

When faced with immediate danger, such as Sara was in this case, it is hard to know how you’ll react.  Pat on the Back to Sara for remaining calm, thinking first about her team’s safety, and acting so brave in this frightening situation!  

Sara brought the paw print behavior of TRUSTWORTHY to a new level!

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