Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bill's KNOWLEDGE Catches the Attention of our Neighbors

Pat on the Back to Bill!
Two Pats on the Back to Bill in Minneapolis, MN.  It is clear the neighbors rely on him for his willingness to take the time to answer their questions and share his advice on pet food and nutrition. It takes a memorable experience for a neighbor to write a compliment, but clearly Bill is making a great impact as we received two letters in one month! Check out these comments:

From Mary,I was in your store at 4751 Hiawatha Ave in Minneapolis this afternoon and asked a few questions of Bill, who provided me in very short order with some valuable and helpful information about canned dog food.   His willingness and his knowledge about dog nutrition in general and his attitude and helpfulness caused me to suggest to him that he should teach a class in dog nutrition....

It is not often that I take time to act on something like this, but good customer service and the people working on the front lines in a retail operation are what makes or breaks the company's reputation and good people need to be told that and rewarded!   It works for them, for the customer and for the company!”

And, Cheri wrote: Bill at the Hiawatha store is so awesome!  I have two Brittany one-year olds and he has helped me a lot with suggestions and spending time answering my questions.  Please know he is a very good employee.  Also Abbie who works at this store helps me carry my dog food and helps me with questions and is very friendly and works well with all customers in this store.  I will only go to see them because the personal service is so good and Bill is so helpful and nice to everyone who comes in this store.  They are both keepers who keep me coming back every week.  Thank you for them." 

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