Friday, December 27, 2013

NEIGHBORLY Donations from Pet Central Support Roxie’s MEGA Mission

Team Members at Pet Central in Livonia, MI rallied to help a neighbor in need.  Check out this story provided by Julie Lawler-Hoyle, who is a team member at Pet Central. 

On Wednesday I sent an email to my Pet Central team mates announcing a very special event happening right here in our community that began the next day – the sixth annual Roxie’s MEGA Mission garage sale fundraiser.

Livonia, Michigan native Debbie McDermott, started Roxie’s MEGA Mission to spread the word to vets and pet parents alike that mega esophagus, a condition where the esophagus does not work properly to get food down into the dog’s stomach, was not a death sentence. With vertical feeding in her Bailey chair, Debbie’s rescue dog Roxie not only survived, but thrived.   

When I sent the email, I was just hoping that some Pet Central team members would be able to go shop and support this cause since the annual sale is held right here in Livonia, just minutes away. Team Members at Pet Central, Amy, Reina, Julie, and April had a better idea, and in less than a day, they pulled together 3 carloads full of items to donate to Roxie’s sale! Debbie, who is also a loyal PSP neighbor, was crying when we showed up on the first morning of the sale, she was so overwhelmed by our support!  She put her collection of PSP plastic shopping bags to use for garage sale customers who bought treats, food, etc. 

Let’s give a HUGE Pat on the Back to everyone at Pet Central who helped with our donation to Roxie’s MEGA Mission garage sale, especially Amy, Reina, Julie and April!

I am proud to work with such a great team here at Pet Central.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Allentown's PETCENTRIC Holiday Wishes

Check out this PETCENTRIC holiday cake from Allentown, PA.  Pat on the Back to Desiree's sister for creating this beautiful holiday cake.  Looks delicious!

Happy Holidays to you and your family (including your little furry ones)!  

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Ultimate Neighborly Act – A PSP Groomer Goes Above And Beyond To Help A Friend

Greta, John and John's Mother
Greta Mooney, a Groomer in Parkersburg, WV, has been with Pet Supplies Plus since 2011.   Greta is scheduled to donate a kidney to her friend John Wiley of Cleveland on January 8th at the Cleveland Clinic. Wiley has been undergoing kidney dialysis for 1.5 years and wants to live a normal life again, Mooney said.
"John is a great person," Mooney said. "This will change his life. I wanted to do something meaningful to help someone."
Greta’s gift is an utmost example of what is means to be neighborly- building meaningful connections both inside and outside the store.  Pat on the Back to Greta for her selflessness. The world is a better place due to people like her. 
Check out this article from Parkersburg News and Sentinel regarding Greta.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

NEIGHBORLY Service Drives Loyalty in Goshen, IN

Pat on the Back to Ashley and the rest of the Team Members Goshen, IN.  Their NEIGHBORLY service brings our vision as America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store to life!  Here is a note from a loyal neighbor:

Just wanted to say I love my Pet Supplies Plus store in Goshen, IN.  Been going there for a while now, and the service is wonderful, the people that work there I call by first name, and they always have a smile for ya and a hello when you walk in. The store is always very clean and does not smell!

Just needed to let you know what an awesome store and the people working there are awesome. I call it my store cause when I need anything I know I can find it there or they will order it for you. 

Thank you everyone for making the store such a fun and enjoyable place for our pets! And thanks again, Ashley, for helping with me getting my finches and supplies that they will need. I love them! And even helped me get my stuff to the car; what a gal. 
- Neighbor Bonnie

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fresh Off the Press!

Pat on the Back to pet center #9030 in East Northport, NY for being named the Long Island Pet Lovers' "2014 Pets Choice Award" winner!

This award speaks volumes as it is the people, our neighbors, that voted and selected Pet Supplies Plus as being the best in your industry!  Thank you to the crew in East Northport, NY for living by our vision to be America's Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store!

Click here for more information on the Long Island's Pet Lover publication.

Friday, December 13, 2013

TRUSTWORTHY Team Leader Acts Quickly in Altamonte Springs, FL

A HUGE Pat on the back to Sara George, Team Leader in Altamonte Springs, FL for her TRUSTWORTHY quick thinking. 

A shopper in her pet center became irrational and disorderly, and when he left, Sara kept an eye on him going to his car as she knew it was extremely unusual for a neighbor to act so disruptively.  Sara noticed the neighbor returning to the pet center with a gun.  Sara quickly locked the doors, sent the team members to the back of the pet center, and called 911.  Unluckily for the neighbor, the police station is right across the street. Due to Sara’s sound sense of judgment and quick reaction, the man was arrested.

When faced with immediate danger, such as Sara was in this case, it is hard to know how you’ll react.  Pat on the Back to Sara for remaining calm, thinking first about her team’s safety, and acting so brave in this frightening situation!  

Sara brought the paw print behavior of TRUSTWORTHY to a new level!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bill's KNOWLEDGE Catches the Attention of our Neighbors

Pat on the Back to Bill!
Two Pats on the Back to Bill in Minneapolis, MN.  It is clear the neighbors rely on him for his willingness to take the time to answer their questions and share his advice on pet food and nutrition. It takes a memorable experience for a neighbor to write a compliment, but clearly Bill is making a great impact as we received two letters in one month! Check out these comments:

From Mary,I was in your store at 4751 Hiawatha Ave in Minneapolis this afternoon and asked a few questions of Bill, who provided me in very short order with some valuable and helpful information about canned dog food.   His willingness and his knowledge about dog nutrition in general and his attitude and helpfulness caused me to suggest to him that he should teach a class in dog nutrition....

It is not often that I take time to act on something like this, but good customer service and the people working on the front lines in a retail operation are what makes or breaks the company's reputation and good people need to be told that and rewarded!   It works for them, for the customer and for the company!”

And, Cheri wrote: Bill at the Hiawatha store is so awesome!  I have two Brittany one-year olds and he has helped me a lot with suggestions and spending time answering my questions.  Please know he is a very good employee.  Also Abbie who works at this store helps me carry my dog food and helps me with questions and is very friendly and works well with all customers in this store.  I will only go to see them because the personal service is so good and Bill is so helpful and nice to everyone who comes in this store.  They are both keepers who keep me coming back every week.  Thank you for them."