Friday, November 29, 2013

NEIGHBORLY connections in Naperville, IL!

Pat on the Back to Ann and the Naperville South Store for creating a neighborly connection that hits all 4 of our paw print behaviors- NEIGHBORLY, PETCENTRIC, KNOWLEDGEABLE and TRUSTWORTHY! 

My wife and I have been a long time customer of Pet Supplies Plus. The manager, Ann, and her staff are AMAZING! They are SO kind and demonstrate tremendous compassion and care for animals.

My wife's Girl Scout troop recently hosted a fundraising event for TLC Animal Shelter; they collected pet supplies and monetary donations at the PSP store. Ann took the time to teach her scouts how to solicit donations and supported them throughout the event!

We cannot thank her and her staff enough. Her troop collected a TON of pet supplies. Thank you for helping her out to help abandoned animals in need!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Medina, OH Creates a Memorable Shopping Experience

Pat on the Back to Medina, OH team.  This neighbor’s feedback captures the essence of all four paw print behaviors- NEIGHBORLY, PETCENTRIC, KNOWLEDGEABLE and TRUSTWORTY!

The Medina, Ohio Pet Supplies Plus location is the best ever!

I am a weekly shopper. We have rescued cats and kittens for 16 years.  When I come into the store, everyone greets me by my name. They are always helpful.  Someone always helps me with the order to the car. They share in our joy and grief if we lose a kitty. It is great to share stories of our pets. The store is always clean and neat. I love shopping there, everything is easy to find. The staff is amazing I would never consider going anywhere else for my cat’s needs!
Thank you,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

North Aurora, IL Builds NEIGHBORLY Connections with a Local Elementary School

The franchise pet centers located in the western Chicago suburbs are always busy building NEIGHBORLY connections.  Here is another great example of how a little generosity can go a long way and make a big impact in our neighborhoods.  Pat on the Back to Bill in North Aurora, IL for seizing the opportunity to partner with a local elementary school! 

This past August, Bill saw a lady in the livestock department looking at some of our fish. He introduced himself and asked her if she had any questions about any of the fish. She replied “…not yet. I am sure the kids will be happy with a fish, but they really want a Hermit crab.” Later on during our conversation she told Bill that she was the Principal of Fearn Elementary School. Bill informed her that Pet Supplies Plus donated things to their school in the past. The lady replied to Bill the school was on a strict budget and really could not afford in class pets for the kids. When Bill asked her if Pet Supplies Plus could donate four hermit crabs to the kids at the school, her face was overcome by joy as a huge smile came over her face.

Bill put in an order for the hermit crabs and when the Principal came to pick up the order, she told Bill the students were so excited and counting down the days to their new pets arrived! As you can see from the thank you notes, these kids were ecstatic with their new pets! 

Bill would like to give a special Pat on the Back to George Lennon, Franchise Owner, for his continuous generosity and allowing him to give back to the community through the store by way of events and donations. Without his generosity this kind of PAWSITIVE IMPRESSION would not be possible.  

We couldn't agree more, Bill!  Thank you for sharing this fantastic story!

Monday, November 18, 2013

KNOWLEDGEABLE Service Helps a Senior Dog

Pat on the Back to the team at Settlers Ridge, PA for offering KNOWLEDGEABLE advice to help a senior dog.  It is clear this pet parent is so grateful to the team members who helped her make an ideal food selection based on the dog’s special needs. 

I have a senior dog who stopped eating her food and lost a few pounds.  She has been to the vet and blood work shows nothing to be concerned about.  I came into your store last night to find her different food she might eat (Settlers Ridge, Pa location). I was helped by some very caring young employees who helped me find better food for her.  Something that wouldn’t upset her stomach, and would be gentler on her older teeth.  I wish I remembered their names. 

Anyway, long story short, I took the food home, (canned and dry), and she ate like she never ate before.  When I fed her this morning, she ate again....  and was running around like before she stopped eating. 
Thank you,
Neighbor Kristen

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jordyn is Already Making an Impact in Penfield, NY!

Penfield, NY pet center opened in late August, and Jordyn, Team Leader, is already winning over her neighbors!  Pat on the Back to Jordyn for her TRUSTWORTHY AND PETCENTRIC service to Perry.  This is a great note from Perry’s mom.

Jordyn and Amber in Penfield
Jordyn from Pet Supplies Plus in Penfield, NY was awesome with my Brittany Spaniel named Perry.  I needed to pick up meds for Perry for arthritis and Jordyn cut Perry’s nails for free.  Jordyn was very gentle and caring while cutting Perry’s toe nails since he has an injury to left leg with a pulled ACL, and on meds from Vets. MD. I give Jordyn an A+++ for gentleness and caring and professional pet care giving skills she administered to Perry. Jordyn demonstrates a real love for animals and made a task (toe nail cutting), which I struggle doing, a breeze for her to do. So, just want to say THANK YOU Jordyn!!! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Albany, OH Continues to Make a Splash in their Neighborhood!

Paige and Mitchell from New Albany, OH pet center recently attended an event at an apartment complex that was closing down their pool for the season. They let the dogs of the neighborhood swim in the pool. Paige and Mitchell represented Pet Supplies Plus at this event.  They gave treats and tennis balls to the dogs! Everyone had a blast. Paige even got into the pool and went swimming with a dog!

Pat on the back to Paige, Mitchell and the team in New Albany for making these NEIGHBORLY connections!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pet Central is Making an Impact in their Neighborhood

We are excited to announce that Pet Supplies Plus will be the lead sponsor for the Detroit Dog Rescue's (DDR) annual December Pet Pantry.  With this annual event, Pet Supplies Plus and DDR will distribute dog food, supplies and dog houses to many pet parents in Metro Detroit.  It is NEIGHBORLY relationships like this that make our neighbors loyal to PSP.  As you can see from these Facebook comments, this is having an incredible impact in the Metro Detroit neighborhood.

Through donations and fundraising efforts, Pet Central has raised over $12,000 and will be donating over 100,000 pounds of dog food! In addition, our pet partners have graciously donated over 400 boxes of Milk Bones (Del Monte), dog beds (JLA Pets), dog houses (Petmate), and several 40 pound bags of dog food from Diamond Pet Foods !!

Pat on the Back to Lisa Gray, Ashley Neely, Donna Capichano for leading the pack and getting Pet Central involved with such a wonderful organization!