Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Simon says...

It can be a challenging time when a pet parent needs to find a new food. Pat on the back to Simon for taking the time to provide KNOWLEDGEABLE and NEIGHBORLY service to his neighbor in Ballwin, MO (pet center #187).  Clearly, she was very appreciative of his efforts- check out the note she wrote…

 I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Simon at your Ballwin, MO Location.  He was so helpful to me in finding a new cat food, when the Evo was taken off of the shelves.  The other backup food that I used was Purina Selects Kitten that was also being discontinued.  If you have cats, you know that they are not always easy to please when their food changes.  He gave me samples sizes (I didn’t even know that sample sizes existed) and I found the The Taste of the Wild (roasted venison and smoked salmon). Thanks to Simon, they both love it!  So now between my Wellness canned food (that they have been eating for over a year) and the new Taste of the Wild (dry) I have cats that will eat again. 

Thank you again Simon for being so very helpful and friendly.

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