Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Avery to the Rescue

Michelle, Brian and Avery
Pat on the Back to Michelle Harding, District Team Leader and Director of Services, for creating an alliance with Pet Supplies Plus and Akron Police.  Being America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store doesn’t just happen; rather it is up to those who are a part of the company to make our vision come to life.  Community partnerships, like this, truly describe the essence of being NEIGHBORLY by creating memorable connections inside and outside the pet centers. Check out this heartwarming story from Michelle:

Avery was adopted by Summit County, OH over two yearss ago through donations and has been training in Columbus for that time to become a therapy dog. Avery finally graduated in September and began his assignment Monday in Akron, where I live. Avery is a certified therapy dog, and Summit County, in conjunction with the Akron Police Department, will use Avery to help comfort victims when they have to  tell their story often when it’s painful to do so and provide comfort and support to those that have been victimized.  My husband Brian, is a Srgt for the Akron Police Dept. and deals with Juvenile crimes. For over 18 years I’ve listened to the horror stories that go on in the world so I’ll admit that this has hit home a bit.  Just the other day, they used Avery in an interview with a 16 year old who had been a victim and the handler said that Avery helped comfort the victim as she was telling her story. Avery’s been trained to put his head in their lap and provide comfort in stressful situations.

The county reached out to Pet Supplies Plus and asked for support as care for Avery is through donations.  Through our pet partner relationships, P&G will supply Avery’s Eukanuba food, and PSP will be grooming Avery every 6-8 weeks or as needed.

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing this story and creating this connection.  It is clear you are in love with Avery, and we have to say, we are too!

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