Wednesday, October 30, 2013

San Antonio's Neighborly Connections

The San Antonio team is connecting with their neighbors through the Halloween Costume Contest. We just love the creativity of these pet parents!

In addition the San Antonio team is helping Pets' Alive Agency. So far the team raised over $1,700. Clearly there has been a lot of donations...check out the paw prints in the window.  

Thank you, Dale, for sharing these pictures to capture the team's NEIGHBORLY efforts.

Puggressive Lady
Big Bird & Friends
Giraffe in a Jungle
Coco, the Hamster, in a Tutu

Monday, October 28, 2013

NEIGHBORLY Act of Kindness in Grove City, OH

Grove City, OH went above and beyond to help a neighbor in need.  It is acts like this that make us a FAVORITE among our neighbors.  Pat on the Back for this NEIGHBORLY act of kindness!

I stopped in your Grove City, Ohio location this morning to pick up some things I had coupons for. As I was pulling into a parking spot, I ran over a cover for a sewer clean out and it came out of the ground and a screw punctured my front tire. It went flat almost immediately, I went inside and was given the information on who to contact about getting it taken care of.  The man working there was very helpful and considerate of my plight. I was not in a great mood and he offered to help me change the tire. I know he didn’t have to do this, but he did it anyway.

I just wanted you to know about him and I hope you appreciate him as much as I do right now. Thank you for having such great employees, it is definitely refreshing in this day and time.
Neighbor Deb 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Show Off Your Pet-Degree Bling!

Look at this KNOWLEDGEABLE crew in Lancaster, PA showing off their Pet-Degree pins!  Congrats on earning your Essentials Pet-Degree!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Do you have an Ashleigh in your Pet Center?

Wow, this story touched our hearts!  This note from a neighbor in Westbury, NY, reminds us the importance of being NEIGHBORLY whether you are in a pet center or out in the neighborhood.  Ashleigh’s actions describe the essence of what Pet Supplies Plus is all about as she authentically acts neighborly and trustworthy.

It is critical to hire team members like Ashleigh who genuinely live by our paw print behaviors. Ask yourself, have you hired an Ashleigh recently?

Pat on the Back to Ashleigh for her acts of kindness. We are lucky to have you representing Pet Supplies Plus!

I just wanted to point out an employee who my daughter and I came across over the weekend. We knew she was an employee due to her shirt and name tag she was wearing. She was not in the actual Pet Supplies store for she was on her lunch break. While she was waiting for her drink at the Starbucks next door to the Pet Supplies in Westbury, NY she noticed that this group of teenage girls were making comments about my daughter as her and I were waiting on line. Unfortunately, my daughter and I did overhear the comments but decided to act as if we did not. The comments that were made were regarding how she looked and my daughter does suffer from an illness that does alter her appearance. The group of teenagers did leave after their comments were made and Ashleigh, who was the employee from the Pet Supplies store as I noticed from her name tag, came over to my daughter just before she was leaving to return to the store and kneeled down next to her and told my daughter, “don’t let those girls bother you, they’re just jealous that you are more beautiful effortlessly than they ever could be even after trying.” She walked out after that.

After that act of kindness my daughter lit up and brushed off the comments and I was beyond thankful for your employee’s kind words. I was not able to thank her after that because she left right away to return to work and at that time my daughter needed to be somewhere at a certain time so we were not able to thank her. I just wanted to bring awareness about this employee because I did not want her to go unnoticed for doing such a beautiful thing. She made a difference in my daughter’s life that day.

I do live in the Westbury area and I do plan on thanking her as soon as possible but I just wanted to let you guys know that you have a great employee on your hands. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Little Generosity has a Big Impact

Pat on the Back to Jack at #72 in Villa Park, IL for being so NEIGHBORLY.  He met the
neighbor who wrote the letter below at Windy City PetExpo and gave her some Bayer T-Shirts
to help at the local hospital. It just goes to show that a little generosity can have a great impact.  

My name is Mina and I am an Occupational Therapist at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge.  I met you at a dog show and you gave me three boxes of dog shirts to give my patients. 

I wanted to thank you and tell you they were put to good use.  One was given to a brain injured patient and she LOVED the shirt.  In fact, all of the patients who received a shirt enjoyed them and brought a smile to their faces.  I also gave a box to the emergency room's clothes closet. They give clothes to patients who came in the ER and had to have their clothes cut off.

Again, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart!  The shirts brought out so many smiles and brightened so many lives.  If you ever want to unload anymore boxes with any sizes the hospital would appreciate the donations.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cheektowaga, NY Grooming Team Leads the Pack!

Hey, Denise!
It takes a memorable experience for a neighbor to send in a positive comment. However, it is pretty incredible when you receive 2 unsolicited comments in just a couple weeks!  The Groomers in Cheektowaga, NY did just that- check out the letters from our neighbors.   

Their TRUSTWORTHY & KNOWLEDGEABLE service creates loyal & dedicated neighbors! 

Pat on the Back to the team in Cheektowaga, NY!

I just wanted to say that your girls in the Grooming area at the Union Road Store in Cheektowaga, NY, are the most friendly and professional pet care people I have been to with my German Shepherd, Sheerah, my cat, Cali, and all of my rescues that I foster with through BigDogsBigHearts.  Denise, and the other girl are so gentle with all of them. They really know what they are doing, and put the animals at ease.  All your staff there does a great job with my pets.   
Thank you,
Neighbor Shary

I wanted to say that the Pet Supplies Plus that is in Cheektowaga, NY is great.  My dog Abby is groomed there.  Abby is my kid and I won’t trust her to many people but Denise and crew are the best.  I always support this store.  My dog eats jams mini chunks.  Wegmans sells the same 20 pound bag for 2 dollars less but you still get my business.  The manager, Ray, is very good at getting everybody on the same page.  I think you can feel it when you visit the store. I will always recommend your store.
Neighbor Bob

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pet Depot Makes an Impact in their Neighborhood

Pat on the Back to Heidi Hanna, Support Specialist at Pet Depot, for her NEIGHBORLY involvement with The Litter Box Kitty Rescue, Inc.  

The Pet Supplies Plus donations have helped this organization immensely as you can see in the neighbor’s thank you note.  Always great to see neighbors helping other neighbors!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Avery to the Rescue

Michelle, Brian and Avery
Pat on the Back to Michelle Harding, District Team Leader and Director of Services, for creating an alliance with Pet Supplies Plus and Akron Police.  Being America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store doesn’t just happen; rather it is up to those who are a part of the company to make our vision come to life.  Community partnerships, like this, truly describe the essence of being NEIGHBORLY by creating memorable connections inside and outside the pet centers. Check out this heartwarming story from Michelle:

Avery was adopted by Summit County, OH over two yearss ago through donations and has been training in Columbus for that time to become a therapy dog. Avery finally graduated in September and began his assignment Monday in Akron, where I live. Avery is a certified therapy dog, and Summit County, in conjunction with the Akron Police Department, will use Avery to help comfort victims when they have to  tell their story often when it’s painful to do so and provide comfort and support to those that have been victimized.  My husband Brian, is a Srgt for the Akron Police Dept. and deals with Juvenile crimes. For over 18 years I’ve listened to the horror stories that go on in the world so I’ll admit that this has hit home a bit.  Just the other day, they used Avery in an interview with a 16 year old who had been a victim and the handler said that Avery helped comfort the victim as she was telling her story. Avery’s been trained to put his head in their lap and provide comfort in stressful situations.

The county reached out to Pet Supplies Plus and asked for support as care for Avery is through donations.  Through our pet partner relationships, P&G will supply Avery’s Eukanuba food, and PSP will be grooming Avery every 6-8 weeks or as needed.

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing this story and creating this connection.  It is clear you are in love with Avery, and we have to say, we are too!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ever Wonder What a New Pet Center Set Up Looks Like?

Check out these pictures from the set up process in Penfield, NY.
Penfield had its Grand Opening in September 2013. 

Clearly, this NEIGHBORLY team had a lot of FUN during the set up process!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

David’s TRUSTWORTY Grooming Services in Lewisville, TX

David, Groomer in Lewisville, TX
This is a great note from a neighbor in Lewisville, TX. Pat on the back to David. His listening skills, patience and technical expertise made for one happy pet parent and good looking Retriever!

I brought my older retriever mix in this past weekend for grooming for the very first time. I don’t like to keep her too long and I have very specific instructions since she has plenty of skin tags, so shaving is very difficult.  Great job by David and the young lady on duty.  I have noted that everyone in grooming had always taken time with each pet and really cared for their comfort. I am planning to bring in my other 2 dogs ASAP.

Thanks for listening and caring!!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Simon says...

It can be a challenging time when a pet parent needs to find a new food. Pat on the back to Simon for taking the time to provide KNOWLEDGEABLE and NEIGHBORLY service to his neighbor in Ballwin, MO (pet center #187).  Clearly, she was very appreciative of his efforts- check out the note she wrote…

 I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Simon at your Ballwin, MO Location.  He was so helpful to me in finding a new cat food, when the Evo was taken off of the shelves.  The other backup food that I used was Purina Selects Kitten that was also being discontinued.  If you have cats, you know that they are not always easy to please when their food changes.  He gave me samples sizes (I didn’t even know that sample sizes existed) and I found the The Taste of the Wild (roasted venison and smoked salmon). Thanks to Simon, they both love it!  So now between my Wellness canned food (that they have been eating for over a year) and the new Taste of the Wild (dry) I have cats that will eat again. 

Thank you again Simon for being so very helpful and friendly.

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