Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lew comes to the Rescue of a Picky Pup Parent!

Hey, Lew!
We love this note from a neighbor in Deer Park, NY. Lew’s KNOWLEDGE and NEIGHBORLY advice delights a neighbor.  Pat on the back to Lew for going above and beyond to ensure Coco is one happy pup! 

I visited the Deer Park, NY store on Friday evening, desperate to find a different puppy chow for my very picky puppy who won’t eat. I was totally confused on what to do. The manager Lew came up to me to help and after listening to my issue suggested some other brand name (Dick Van Patten Natural Balance) to try and offered some samples of different flavors.  He was very nice and attentive and I wanted to offer praise for his service. So far Coco seems to like the kibble and I am quite relieved.

Thank you Lew!


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