Monday, August 26, 2013

Who Rescued Who? Tinkerbell's Story...

This heartwarming story is highlighted on our Pet Supplies Plus Facebook page.  A BIG pat on the back to Kristin and the team in Clearwater, Florida for their remarkable neighborly efforts. 

Working with our neighbors and their pets, it's not unusual for us to see ear-to-ear smiles, so when we were recently contacted by a neighbor in Clearwater, Florida with a very special rescue, we wanted to share her story.

One warm afternoon in early August, a Florida woman could hardly believe her eyes when she saw a newborn kitten laying in her lawn, frantically rolling around—umbilical cord still attached. Desperate to get the kitten to safety, she immediately drove it to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where they removed the cord and promptly handed the kitten back to her with a bottle of formula and well wishes for bottle feeding.

To her extreme relief, the woman learned she had managed to get the kitten to care in the nick of time. At only eight hours old, if the kitten had been left alone in the grass for even two more hours, she wouldn't have made it. Even at this point, the Humane Society informed her, the outlook was grim.

Unwilling to accept defeat, she came up with a solution that just might work. Since she was a full-time student and unable to meet the kitten's high-touch needs, she turned to her neighbor, Karen.

With her flexible schedule, Karen would be able to take care of the kitten with the help of her 20 year-old autistic son, Michael, who had a close connection with cats. The kitten, which they named Tinkerbell, soon became part of the family. Karen and Michael initially knew nothing about caring for such a young kitten, but they enjoyed taking on the challenge together.

Taking care of Tinkerbell was a lot of work, but while they did expect the intensive care, they had not planned for the strain on the family's budget and the kitten's formula soon became unaffordable.

Willing to do whatever it took to continue caring for Tinkerbell, Karen reached out to humane societies in two different counties, the SPCA and numerous rescue groups for assistance with the cost of formula, but they all turned her down.

Desperate to find any solution, she contacted the Clearwater Pet Supplies Plus and, in her words:

"They were WONDERFUL in assisting me with what I would need to help her thrive. Kristin, their wonderful manager, returned my call and not only donated the MUCH needed formula for our kitten, but gave me a 20% discount coupon AND told me the date and time a vet would be visiting the store to assist with the kitten's health needs!"

Dr. Buckner (vet), Michael, Karen and Kristin (manager)
Dr. Buckner (vet), Michael, Karen and Kristin (manager)

Fast forward, and Tinkerbell is now seven weeks old and Karen is proud to report that she is litter-trained and learning to lap up formula on her own.

"Tinkerbell is happy, enjoying the run of the house and is a TRUE BLESSING to our family as well as my special needs son. This would NOT have been such a wonderful outcome without the care, kindness and donation provided to us by Kristin at my local Pet Supplies Plus! I am now a dedicated, lifetime customer."

It's stories like these that make us feel proud to come to work every day and serve our neighbors. We again just wanted to thank Karen and Michael for sharing their story.

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  1. Kristin- thank you for providing such a wonderful story to help me start off my district call on Tuesday with my STL's and Franchise store owners. This truly is what we all aspire to be , to provide a memorable service like this and gain neighbors for life. Well done

    Pat Partridge DTL Michigan

  2. What a great story - I'm so glad I work for a company that employs people that go the extra mile like this!

  3. What a beautiful story. It's wonderful to have pet lovers on our team who put people and pets first.