Saturday, August 10, 2013

Maureen's NEIGHBORLY service

Check out this letter from a neighbor in Chicago, IL. Pat on the Back to Maureen for going above and beyond.  Thank you for creating such a memorable experience.

Hey, Maureen!
I would like to compliment Maureen who works at the Harlem/Foster Pet Supplies in Chicago, IL.  Maureen demonstrated excellent customer service with me on July 3, 2013 as I shopped for dog food.  I didn't have any coupons for the $53 bag of dog food, but Maureen told me that she remembered seeing a coupon in the latest newspaper.  She searched for it, found it, cut it from the other coupons, and gave it to me prior to checking out.  I was stunned and very appreciative.  She saved me $5 and I was not even expecting it.  

I usually split my dog food purchases between Petsmart on Touhy and Pet Supplies on Harlem.  However, due to Maureen's act of kindness and genuine service, my wife and I will only be going back to Pet Supplies from now on.  Rarely do I give companies feedback, but Maureen is certainly a positive member of your organization. 

Thank you,
Bill, a PSP Neighbor 

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  1. Heidi Char, SVP Human ResourcesAugust 22, 2013 at 11:37 AM

    Thanks Maureen for delighting our neighbor! It is great to see that the thoughtfulness of going out of your way to save the neighbor money is so appreciated.