Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lets hear it for the NEIGHBORLY team in Royal Oak, MI

From a loyal neighbor...
I visited the Royal Oak, MI Pet Supplies Plus on Friday, June 14 to pick up some litter for my rabbit.  The employees are always very friendly and helpful, but this time I was especially impressed and my 2 1/2 year old son was overjoyed.  
Sarah, Liz and Buster!
He was standing at the pet clothing display cap playing with one of the mannequin dogs.  He does this every time we come in and some of the employees have noticed and we've had a laugh or two about his enthusiasm.  He didn't want to leave that spot but I finally got him to follow down another aisle.  We were admiring the aquarium trinkets when Liz came down the aisle holding Buster, the dog model.  She asked if he wanted to take him home because she saw how happy he was playing with it and that they were getting a new display which came with its own new dog.  Ryan, my son, was overjoyed especially when we left the store and he knew Buster would be his for good.  At the register Sarah said Liz had come into the office asking her if it would be ok to give away and she agreed.  I couldn't stop thanking both of them for the thoughtful and generous act of kindness to my son.  These days experiences like that are few and far between. 
I really want to make sure Liz and Sarah are recognized for going above and beyond with their customers.  It's obvious they care and it shows!!  This is my local store close to my home and I'm so glad it's there and staffed with such friendly, professional and kind people.  
Thank you! 
Neighbor Linda

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  1. Super cute!!! That kid will never allow his parents to show anywhere else!! You've got a neighbor for life!! :-)